Artificial insemination service
K.I. SAMEN has for many years already a national covering insemination service in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, the inseminations are not done directly by K.I. SAMEN but via several partner organizations.
The goal of K.I. SAMEN remains to be – the offer of an as large and good as possible total package against an as low as possible price. We achieve this via an excellent fertility, also due to at least 20 million semen cells per straw. Every year again K.I. SAMEN proves to belong to the absolute top on fertility results in the Netherlands. This is one of the reasons for the companies’ growth during the last couple of years. K.I. SAMEN’s last years’ insemination results indicated a 7,9% growth in a shrinking Dutch market of 4,4%.
In case you have any questions you can contact our head-office in the Netherlands at +31 (0)77-3586789.