NOUD | 06138-Noud.jpg
Noud van de Plashoeve


Herdbook number: NL 534956299 

A.I.-code: 36878  

Colour: White  

Date of birth : 29-03-2011

Breed: 100% BBL  

Straw colour: clear blue

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Noud van de Plashoeve is a son of Dorus Ter Reybroek from the Belgium breeding farm of Lips, who breeds for natural calvings. Elke 22 is a daughter of Unicus van Phaenocryst. He is a bull of which 60 to 70 % of his daughters calve naturally. Besides this, Unicus was (slaughtered) one of the heaviest bulls with a carcass weight of 967 kilograms.

Elke 22 gave birth to 4 calves and they were all born naturally. Also Elke 22 herself was born naturally. Noud’s grand dam had 2 caesarians and 2 natural births. Noud himself is a well build bull and has strong feet & legs and a good locomotion. The expectations on Noud are very high.

We have a lot of practical data available from Noud. This pleads for him to be a crossbreeding bull. Although we have to test him to find this out. Noud is a bull you can use with confidence, we can’t however guarantee this for certain ( as always). If we have to estimate the chance for easy calvings in stars, we give Noud 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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